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Prime Resource Services

Hydro Excavation

The Prime Resource Services system utilizes high pressure water … and a powerful vacuum system to precisely expose underground buried utilities, cables and pipes.

As the hydro excavator’s high pressure water stream blasts the soil, and stone exposing the targeted utility line, it is literally vacuumed into the onboard storage tank on the Prime Resource Services vehicle leaving a clean, manageable workspace for repairs or installation.

We can excavate up to 400 feet from the location of the Prime Resource Services vehicle making it possible to reach limited access areas such as within a building or behind fenced-in structures. Rough terrain is no trouble either, our flexible hose can stretch down hills, and allow Hydro-Excavation access where vehicles cannot reach.

Even in the dead of winter with hard frozen ground, the Prime Resource Services team can get the job done. We can excavate virtually any depth needed to reach your utility lines or pipes. By utilizing the truck mounted 400,000 BTU Boilers Prime Resource Services is able to precisely cut through frozen ground with no trouble at all.

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